It's a Part of her Story. :3 -- Hitomi was born in a really rich family. But she grew up without the love of her parents because most time they weren't around. If they were around they were always disapointed of her because they thought she is too weak for a Member of her house. And so she begun to train all day and night till she became a respected Jo-Nin. But her parents don't see what she did. They still see the weak Hitomi. -- The Picture shows her last minutes in her final fight. She'll get killed by her own parents. They're fighting because they want to see and feel how strong, fast and better Hitomi has become. As her parents begun to fight with bombs she can't evade anymore and her Sensai came to help her. ( He is specified to Tai Jutsu) He saved her and jumped up in the Air. Then he threw her to her Parents but she'll reach her Parents dead because of an attack from her father. -- Thanks if u read that all.. xD